Monday, November 7, 2016

Coffee Talk & Clothes with Stories

Coffee Talk & Clothes with Stories


Hello friends. A new week ahead of us. I like to start off my week with a little positive reflection. Trying to build a creative business can be hard and this keeps me positive in the challenging times.    


The NYC Marathon!

Sunday was the New York Marathon. What a positive way to kick off a new week. Even though we live in this big city, I often am comforted by a collective camaraderie! From that stranger who held the subway door for me, to cheering on the marathon; we celebrate and accept our differences, support the dreamers, and come together at moments like this! Thanks for the good vibes, NYC. Congrats to the accomplished marathoners from all over the world and country- you did it! 



Clothes with Stories!

ErinElsie is all about clothes with stories. I thoughtfully select and curate unique fabrics and thrifted finds. I love the idea that I am adding to the story of that fabric by turning it into a collectable item that someone will own and cherish. Even better, is when my friends and family contribute by giving me vintage bits and fabrics. It's awesome to get fun packages in the mail that are not bills :)

My Aunt Delsie recently sent me the most thoughtful gift! She made this picture using buttons. She's so creative and crafty! The bonus is the sweet handwritten note.  

This was not the first package my Aunt Delsie and Uncle Mike have sent me and I cherish every little bit. I'm turning this vintage bit, along with some others into collectible pillows. Coming soon!

I turned some vintage blouses they sent me into these bold little summer dresses for my new baby twin nieces. My first effort into little baby clothes-making! 

I also have a box of goodies from one of my dear old friends and creative contributors! She hits flea markets and estate sales with her mom. Although we live far apart now, she'll send me a little curated box of goodies. I always love every item and I can't wait to go through this one. I'll share the details soon!

On that grateful note, have a super week everyone. Thanks Aunt Delsie, Uncle Mike, Jessica, Mom, all the friends who send me things- your inspiration keeps me going!


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