Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Seeing RED, sharing my favorite vintage finds of late.

  Happy Wednesday from sunny and snowy NYC! 

I'm often too busy during the holidays to take on a personal project for myself; so when I snagged this brilliantly bold, vintage dress, I thought it was perfect as it only needed a few alterations. I wanted to have at least one new jazzy go-to piece with the multitude of events I had approaching and the lack of time I had to prepare for them. 
This particular dress was old, but the fabric was in great condition. I reinforced the seams, and shortened the hem. The color and print were so vibrant, I thought it might be more flattering as a shorter dress. A bonus about this fabric was that it draped beautifully and barely wrinkled- turning this dress into a great travel item. Our Christmas consists of 3 parts- Connecticut, New York, and Louisiana. I stuck it in my suitcase as we headed down to Louisiana to celebrate Christmas Part 3, the New Year, and my cousin Sarah's wedding.  

With all of the packing and unpacking I had been doing, at least the only item I forgot upon arriving in Louisiana was an evening clutch. This was a perfect excuse to do some last minute antiquing- hehe.  My brother agreed to let me stop at my favorite consignment shop in Thibodaux while en route to my cousin's wedding in New Orleans. I was a little bummed at first as I ran through the entire shop and found nothing- unusual for me. Then, my husband pulls out this vintage jewelry box in the perfect shades of red and gold and proposes the idea that I use it as a clutch- brilliant! For someone who often discourages me adding anymore items to our tiny NYC apartment- it was very sweet and memorable of him to help.
The velvety and gold box had a mirror in it, which made it even better as an evening bag. 
Some of my best vintage finds are the ones that tie in with memorable moments, and these certainly do. The wedding was a great way to cap off a wonderful and whirlwind Christmas vacation with family and friends. Congrats to the bride and groom, Sarah and Ben- well wishes for a happy marriage!
 (Hanging with one of my favorite ladies at the wedding festivities- my Aunt Estherlina)

Okay, now I must get back to work! I leave 2014 feeling superbly grateful and I enter 2015 prepared to work hard on my goals and make the most of what each new day brings. Best wishes to you as we kick off 2015! 

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