Monday, February 13, 2017

A Sentimental Notion

A Sentimental Notion

I thought it appropriate for the first blog post of this new year to be a sentimental one. If you are new to my ErinElsie online shop or this blog, then this very much captures the core of who I am as a designer, maker, and person.  

ErinElsie items are clothes and accessories with stories. The nostalgia and sentiment paid to the items I make are also extended to the tools that I use to create them. I have tools that were my grandmother's, and I love staying connected to her memory by using them. Most are not fancy or ornate, but it keeps her alive to me. 

In the past couple of years, friends and family have often handed down materials to me; Sometimes vintage fabric found while cleaning out their mom's closet or sometimes old jeans they're ready to discard. Even better, they have started to give me tools and notions as well. These are often from their mom or grandmother. It means a lot to me to inherit such a sentimental item from someone else's family. This only adds to the joy and inspiration of creating for me. Now I have notions with stories too!


I rarely buy thread. My last big refill of thread was a box that my mom sent me from a neighbor. This beautiful array of thread pictured above is from my dear friend Lisa's family. 

This is a tape measurer I found in the drawer of my grandmother, Elsie's sewing machine. It's falling apart, but I tape it, mend it, and keep on using it!

How beautiful are these? Bits of antique lace, trims, and embroidery from several different friend's grandmothers. 

Scissor sisters. The pinking shears on the right were my grandmother's. Those on the left were from a friends grandmother. 

Blooming sequins...another from Lisa's family. 

Even hand sewing needles from my friend Aimee's
 grandmother. The packaging is pretty great.

More sequins! Shine on friends!

Everything from hooks, to snaps, to belt buckles, and buttons...
I'm so grateful to friends for passing along these sentimental notions and memories. Thank you!!! 

What cherished sentimental items have been passed along to you? 

Okay, back to work in the home studio for me. Hoping you all have a lovely week ahead friends!


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