Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's been a while...


 Yes, it's been a while...To say that I have been busy is quite an understatement and I know I am not the only one. Everyone seems busy this time of year, trying to balance holiday time with friends and family, as well as work. I feel lucky to say that as I am working on something I am truly excited about, it never really feels like work. Because of this, I sometimes have to tell myself to stop and take a breath, enjoy this life, embrace the journey...

 I was recently on a long freelance job in New York and California. Although it can feel a little stressful to pull myself away from working on my own projects, I am learning it's also healthy to do so. In CA, I had early mornings and long days, but relatively quiet nights in my hotel room with room service, a fire place, and time alone with my own thoughts. My inspiration comes from my materials and the world around me, so I try to soak up all the experiences that come my way. I left for CA with a bunch of materials strewn across my little workspace and came back to NY with fresh ideas for them. Coming soon are new pieces made from cozy winter materials; dresses and tops out of reclaimed cashmere, as well as a slew of winter accessories with reclaimed flannel and lambswool. Great handmade gifts for the coming holiday season :)  

My winter accessory inspiration piece: 
While packing for my recent CA trip, I came across this lightweight, yet warm wool neckerchief. I receive this handmade piece with a few others from my grandmother many years ago. It can be worn around your neck or head- super clever! I am working on my own versions of these with reclaimed cashmere and soft wool. 
 Worn around the neck:
Perfect for keeping those ears warm:

Work in progress: cashmere sweater dress

Cozy button flannel scarves with luxurious linings coming up :)

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I did not get to go home to Louisiana, but I tried to bring a little Louisiana to my Thanksgiving in New York by cooking my mom's rice dressing!
Empire state building, lit up for Thanksgiving

Today I'm trying to do much needed laundry, packing my bags again, working on sewing projects, and spending some quality time with my guy as I prepare for yet another work trip. This time...Mexico.

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