Saturday, March 19, 2016

Clothes with Stories: The Tapestry Scarf- bits of cashmere, pieced together over bits of time...

Greetings! I hope you all are well. I haven't been on this blog for a while, since November actually! Somehow when the holiday season arrives, time flies by. For fall/winter I had made lots of cozy items from super lux recycled sweaters for my ErinElsie shop. I then became, and still am, swamped with a chunk of freelance work and some custom design work. I love custom work, but it does take some special time and attention. I am super excited about one bridal project in particular, but I can't really share it until it's done ;)

I had to freeze work on my next ErinElsie Summer collection during this busy season, but I'm not great at keeping my hands still. Sometimes after a long day, it's therapeutic to be able still work with my hands on a little project of my own. I suppose knitting would be ideal; but until I learn how to knit, little hand sewing projects help to fill this void. I had all these colorful sweater bits lying around and most of them were super soft cashmere. 

then had this idea to piece them together. I just sewed on it over time, here and there when I really craved some work with my hands. As the scarf started to take shape, I really love what it became. 

Much like the making of a quilt, this scarf became a sort of tapestry of this busy period of time. It kept me sane when I was stressed with freelance work, and gave me a a sense of accomplishment when it was finished! 

Colorful Cashmere Tapestry Scarf

Warmer weather ErinElsie pieces coming soon! Please stay tuned and hope you are having a lovely weekend and week ahead!

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