Friday, October 4, 2013

I've got mail...

Happy October Everyone!

 I'll keep the pictures to a minimum as I am in my pajamas and covered in thread- one of my happiest ways to be! I'm at home working on my new fall things. The weather is so beautiful here in New York and inspiration abounds! There is a change in the air and in the momentum of ErinElsie. I received news that some of my items at a boutique out west have sold. As always, I celebrate the little things, little stepping stones on my creative journey. 

To my delight, I also received a package in the mail from a dear blog reader, Joy Lee. She has been hanging on to a unique, huge, patchwork suede cape for the last 20 years. She has only been able to wear it once, and now has no use of it in southern Louisiana. Joy offered to send it to me to use as I'd like and I could not resist. I love a good vintage piece with a story. She bought this cape in Deadwood, SD, and it was originally made in a leather factory in south Texas. It feels good when others trust me enough to hand special things over to me. Finding and using unique materials is such a huge part of my work, and a huge source of inspiration. I can't wait to get my hands on this cape. I love the basic idea of the cape, so I plan to try and update it into a shorter, more wearable one. I'll use the leftover suede for some other pieces I have in mind...

Also, speaking of Texas, I received an email from a sweet, stylish, and accomplished blogger named Tori Johnson from San Antonio, TX. As a souther girl myself, I love the warmth that comes across in her blog, The sTORIbook. I will be working with her soon on a little promotion and I'm so excited that she reached out me. Please stay tuned and check out Tori's blog :)

Okay, back to work for me. Thanks for reading and have a super weekend!