Saturday, December 3, 2016

Beanies Baby! (with a Twist!) + 25% Off in My Online Shop!

Beanies Baby! (with a Twist!)

It's that time of year. It's finally gone from the cool fall temperatures to colder Christmas-y temperatures! Beanies become a winter staple, so I decided to spice up the traditional beanie with a little but of style!

At this time of year, thrift stores and consignment shops become inundated with discarded sweaters. You can find a super lux cashmere sweater, discarded because of a tiny hole. Why not give this discarded cashmere a new life! Now friends also pass along sweaters they can no longer wear and I have quite the stash of cozy fabrics.

I am so happy with how these are coming out! 


Another twist - this cozy style has plaid wool from a recycled vintage skirt, lined in soft merino wool!

How about flannel from a recycled men's shirt, lined in soft merino wool!

What a sweet special gift these would make? You can shop right now in your pajamas from this blog post ;)

Have a lovely weekend friends!


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