Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Farewell to Fall (with an Upcycled, Vintage Tablecloth, Wrap Dress Project!)

A Farewell to Fall 🍁🍂
(with an Upcycled, Vintage Tablecloth, Wrap Dress Project!)

 Of course I would make a dress out of a vintage table cloth...

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving everyone. As the holiday season is here, I thought it only appropriate to share this farewell to fall, upcycling project with you!

I originally picked up this fall-feeling, oversized tablecloth while on a thrifting adventure with my mom in my Louisiana hometown. Pictured above with some of the other fun items from that thrifting trip, you'll hear more about the other fabrics from that trip in spring/summer! 

It was huge and covered in a cornucopia of fall foliage. I immediately knew I wanted to create a whimsical dress out of it! 

 I'm really excited about how it came out! It's a super easy to wear, generously sized wrap dress. While the print is super fall feeling, I think the heavy dose of green would also make this dress beautiful in the spring! The sleeves have a little bit of drama, and are trimmed in recycled denim, along with the neckline. I also tried to use a lot of the original green trim from the table cloth.

The back has a gathered detail with a generous amount of fabric. It drapes so beautifully.

Also, change the dress up by wearing it as a statement making kimono.

As our harvest season comes to a close, for most, the holiday season is full on. If you're going to be gift shopping, please try to patron makers via online shopping sites like Etsy,  your local shops, or hand-make a gift!

Happy December Everyone! Thank you for stopping by,  


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