Monday, August 10, 2015

An Ode to the Teeshirt with these Unique Upcycled Tote Bags!

An Ode to the Teeshirt with these Unique Upcycled Tote Bags!

It doesn't get more classic than the teeshirt, especially those favorites that you wear until they are literally falling apart! My husband has lots of these. Unique teeshirts, many are from concerts or travels over the years and carry so many stories with them. He handed some over to me in disrepair, and I was inspired to create some wearable art using the unique designs of each tee shirt. A friend gave me some old curtains a while back, and I thought the sturdiness of the fabric would be perfect for the base of a simple tote bag.    

I used some fabric glue and then hand stitched around the teeshirts with colorful thread to give them a clean finished edge. I'm so happy with the results!

Brooklyn 2 Faced Upcycled TeeShirt Tote 


The Florida Rocker 2 Faced Upcycled TeeShirt Tote


Have a great week!


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Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up- A Few Good Things + a Box of Inspiration

Weekend Wrap Up! A few good things...


I've got mail!

On one of my last trips home to Louisiana, I visited with one of my parents' neighbors who decided to get rid of most of her sewing supplies and wanted to offer them to me. She, an artist herself, had worked at a fabric store and had quite the organized collection of fabrics and notions. Going through her things, if felt like I was going through her memories. She had stories connected with the fabrics and piles of beautiful lace, some of which dated back to her childhood. I had to leave the goodies at my parents house as I had minimal luggage space, so my mom recently shipped me some of the items. 

I feel a little pressure when people pass their things on to me, but touched that they think of me and trust that their old things will live on in special new pieces! It's the heart of what I love to do, create new items with vintage materials - unique clothing with stories that can be passed on for years to come.

Yards and yards of beautiful wool plaids have already got me thinking of fall. 

Lace, Lace, and more Lace! 

She also had quite the stash of thread, something I can always use!

The best thing about getting a box from your mom? She always includes a sweet note and a sweet treat! My man has a thing for jelly beans in particular :)


New Thrifted Threads

This past week I was able to squeeze in a treasure hunt at one of my favorite thrifting spots. I was lucky to hit the store on a special sale day, so the prices were even cheaper than normal! I found so many great things and you'll hear more about them in the future!  

Most of the finds I am using for the fabrics, but this wrap skirt may be an exception. I originally grabbed it for it's yards and yards of printed and pieced silk for $4 (such a steal!)! It's made with 2 layers and completely reversible. Considering the quality of this silk fabric and the yardage, this original piece would have been a couple hundred dollars! It's quickly becoming one of my favorite summer pieces and I've already received compliments! 

The Greater Good

Lastly, I recently watched a powerful documentary that poignantly explains the fast fashion industry. I have included the preview below and it is now available on Netflix and Amazon. 

 When most people grab a piece of clothing at a store, they often don't think about the fact that it was made the world over, by human hands. Some of the largest companies such as Walmart and H&M are getting away with questionable business practices while earning billions of your dollars in their pockets. There's absolutely no excuse why workers anywhere should be battling for safe conditions and living wages while working for companies worth billions. I've worked in various parts of this industry and this is the kind of powerful information that you can't un-know. It's why I want to my own little company to be one I can feel good about. There are more and more companies doing the right thing and I hope to share and highlight them in the future.  

Cambodian factory workers protesting for safer working conditions and a living wage.

“There are hands, physical human hands that touch the things that we wear, and those hands are lives, and they matter... when we buy something, it is a moral act, and there are a chain reaction of consequences, so let’s begin to be more mindful and choose things that support life, not take it away.” - Andrew Morgan.
Rent or own the film today! Visit for more details.
Available on DVD, Blu-Ray, iTunes, Amazon, or VHX.

Please take the time to watch and be informed about the purchases you make. when you spend your hard earned money, do it for the greater good!

Alright friends, wishing you a lovely week ahead!

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