Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bed Sheet Beauty - My Latest Upcycling Project!

 Clothes with Stories: Bring on the Sunshine!

I'm in the middle of making a lot of more fall feeling pieces, but the stressful vibes of of the past weeks drew me to this latest project. I halted the other projects, and pulled out this bold yellow fabric that I had previously put away for the season. 

My dear friend Emilia was packing to move to California, and she gave me one of her old bed sheets. She had these fancy, beautiful organic cotton sheets with a rip in them. I think in most circumstances, this sounds super weird for someone to give you their old bed sheet; but not in my world! I love that she was discarding good fabric, and thought of me! Also, I miss her and now I have this little commemorative project. 

The fabric was great, and instantly I had design ideas popping into my head. I wanted the designs to be a little ode to the idea of being wrapped in a bed sheet and I'm excited about how they came out! 

Emilia Sunshine Super Skirt

I love a maxi skirt, and I love the idea of wearing them all year long. you don't have to put them away for the winter - just throw a sweater on top! The waist of this skirt is full of soft and stretchy elastic, making it one super generous size. The slit adds a little bit of sexiness and keeps the bold color and layers of fabric from being to overwhelming.

Emilia Sunshine Wrap Dress

It's about to be that time again, where people escape the winter months to enjoy a warm and sunny resort. I hate fussy packing. I love a dress that you can just roll into your luggage, shake it out, and throw it on! This is a perfect resort dress. The generous elastic and wrap style translate into such easy glamour. Throw it on and go from the beach to dinner!

Also, this reversible top was the first piece I made during the summer and it's already sold! 

Color makes me happy, and I hope it this brought you a little joy too! Keep living in the light everyone!    


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