Friday, April 4, 2014

Sentiment and Souvenirs

Happy Friday!

So when you live in a very small space, and you are inherently someone who does not like to get rid of things, editing the new stuff you bring into your space becomes very important. Although it's taken over 3 years, I am getting better at it, just don't look in my closet- hehe. In my tiny apartment, I want to be surrounded by those items that have meaning to me. 

When I travel, I feel like one of my languages is fabric- it's how I connect to the people and culture of the place I'm in and it's usually the only souvenir I'll purchase. A while back, my fiance came up with the great idea of using fabric from our travels to make throw pillows for our sofa. It gets him involved when I'm hunting for fabric on trips and keeps us surrounded by our fun travel memories. It also keeps our place tchotchke free.

Almost a year after our Columbia trip, I finally got around to making our pillow. You can read more about that trip here: . I had found these beautiful hand printed/ batiked wraps. 

 Our eclectic pillows: our Columbia and Hawaii pillows added to his Morocco pillow.  
(You can read more about the Hawaii fabric here: )

Also, speaking of sentimental projects- I recently did a custom tee-shirt blanket for a customer to give to her daughter who is about to graduate college. It was special to be handed the responsibility of preserving these memories and more special that she loved the final result. If you have sentimental tee shirts that you perhaps no longer wear but don't want to discard, tee-shirt blankets are an awesome solution. They are so cozy and even better you can just throw them in the washing machine like any old tee shirt! 

So colorful and cozy :)

Alright friends, thanks for taking a little time out with me- back to work I go!

Have a happy weekend!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My bag runneth over...with print-spiration :)

My bag runneth over...with print-spiration!

Recently, I was able to get together with some Fashion Merchandising students from my alma mater, currently on an exploratory New York City trip(Louisiana Tech I love thee!) At first, talking with seniors and juniors currently in college made me feel a little old and slightly intimidated. I was relieved to find them captivated and interested in hearing about my journey since my days at Louisiana  Tech. I felt sort of like a temporary rock star just for surviving here and going for my dreams - and sometimes that little pat on your shoulder is just what you need. I hope in some way their chat with me was inspiring and will encourage them to work hard and go for what they want; but more importantly I hope they know that they inspired and revived me. I think we sometimes feel so anxious or focused on the future, we forget to take a little moment to acknowledge how for we've come.  

  After our chat, the sun came out and the temperatures were slightly warmer. I found myself enjoying my free afternoon of solitude, strolling the streets in a part of town a little foreign to me. That is truly one of my favorite things to do in New York- wander. In the hectic everyday, we don't always get to, we just commute from place to place and then home. 

 To my delight, I came upon a huge thrift store - one of my favorite places to wander! Luckily I have disciplined myself to take only as much as I can carry, because I found some really great hidden gems, along with a sale- very dangerous for a thrifter like me! When I find something with great fabric and/or print and I'm instantly inspired by the possibilities- I have to have it. I left with a bag full of awesome pieces and a mind full of inspiration! It's a huge part of why I do what I do- making every item special, with a story that goes beyond the design. 

Stealing this top for myself ;)

                                "Not all who wander are aimless" (Mona Lisa Smile, 2003)

Certainly an inspiring day all around! Now back to work for me! 

Cheers friends, 

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