Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring things are blooming in the workshop...

Greetings! Happy Weekend! 

We are nearing the very end of March, and I can't believe that there are snow flurries floating past my window. At least spring is blooming inside the home studio! I have been super busy these past couple of months with freelance styling work, and day dreaming about all the spring things I want to make when I can get back to my design studio. 

Finding beautiful vintage, dead-stock, and thrifted materials is really the launching point for what I create. I let the materials inspire me and go from there. I haven't had much time to dedicate to my usual materials hunt lately, and with almost perfect timing, two dear friends have given me some fabrics and items that are just filling me with all kinds of spring inspiration. 

I have known my friend Jessica for years, and although we are separated by distance, we stay connected through our vintage love. We are very different, but clicked beautifully when we met, and she knows me very well. Her and her mom love to shop for antiques together and often collect items that make them think of me. It's touching to know that a distant friend thinks of you at little moments, and better than that, they send me these lovely curated boxes of fabrics and vintage bits to repurpose into new modern items. I was so excited to open my most recent box from her and my excitement was met with an awesomely curated bunch of goodies! I'm sharing my favorites with you, and a little bit of the  design ideas that they invoke.    

It's great to get actual mail in such a digital age, but even better when it's accompanied with a hand written note.

Put a bird on it! The print on this royal blue vintage fabric is so sweet yet modern. I foresee a simple tank, letting the beautiful print take the stage. 

Blue clovers? I absolutely love this vintage fabric from the 60s and the quirkiness behind the idea of a blue clover print. 

I feel like bold and basic colors bring a freshness to spring- and I'm particularly excited about this tiny, but bold geometric print. 

In addition to fabrics, she also included these bits and baubles :)

I fell instantly for this embroidered piece and I wish I had more of it. I can't decide what to do with it yet...

These little vintage remnants really take me back. They remind me of the kinds of things I would get from my grandmother, Elsie. I wonder where they originated and the stories they tell.  

It's hard not to like these bold necklaces. Vintage costume jewelry is such a fun and inexpensive way to revive your wardrobe options. 

My friend Julia purged her closet for spring, something I wish I was better at! She sent over a bag of old fabrics that exceeded my expectations. They are screaming, "flow-y dresses"and "breezy tops"- can't wait to work with them!

 The subtle drama you can create by elegantly mixing prints...

I love a maxi dress with sleeves- so elegant, versatile, and flattering on so many shapes. The perfect item to throw in your suitcase.

Now time to dive into all this design work ahead of me. Enjoy the weekend and thanks for following along.

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