Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Friday


I'm spending this rainy Friday in New York working with some new fall fabrications. Every designer has a unique way they get inspiration and ideas, and for me it comes in large part from the materials I find. I love that behind my materials comes a memory and often a really good story. Sometimes instead of me hunting for materials, friends and family offer to send things to me and I love that. It's definitely a good feeling to know that someone was thinking of me and my work. Recently, a dear friend called to let me know she was sending me a box special items she thought I'd like to have. Shortly after that, my mom let me know that she is sending me vintage buttons she received from one of her friends.

My mom, an accomplished seamstress herself, made a lot of her clothes growing up. This was a time when it was more common for a young lady to make a lot of her own clothes. I love her stories of driving to New Orleans to shop for new shoes or a new dress at a nice department store, and how this was thought of as a special occasion and a memory. Dresses in her closet were special and unique, whether bought or handmade. Now that mass manufacturing has exploded, and department stores are everywhere, I still long to own and create things that remain special and unique. I'm so grateful that she taught me the fundamentals of sewing and pattern making, empowering me to create unique and customized clothing. 

Check out my beautiful mom in some of her homemade dresses.


I am excited to share that I finally have a website. Check out for all things ErinElsie.

Special thanks to:
-Leslie Espinosa for the lovely hair and makeup:
-Katy Smail, an inspiring artist and our lovely model for the shoot.
-Ben Kulo, for the photography and website


Sunday, September 16, 2012



I've been away in the beautiful upstate NY on a freelance job for a photo shoot. The views and weather were incredible, the days long, and the internet service was not so great. It's hard taking time away from ErinElsie, but I am always grateful for work with lovely people and no cubicle involved!

My mind is quite overloaded with ideas for new pieces and I''m ready to get back to work. Also, my website is coming together and should be up soon- yay!  While our surroundings are still very green and lush, there is a slight change in the air, and inspiration for my newest pieces take on a hint of fall.

Some of my favorite spots from my past week away in upstate NY.

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