Friday, August 22, 2014

A Tale of Two Great Transition Pieces, One Great Print, and Making the Best of the Things You Cannot Change!

Happy Friday! 

The creative process, much like life, rarely ever goes as planned, and I suppose that's why it's called a creative process. I'll often have something in mind when I first find fabric, and then when I begin to work with it, the design usually goes in a completely different direction. 

When I first found this vintage skirt, I grabbed it right away. I was intrigued by the rich, bold print and the large panels of fabric (nearly 5 yards in one skirt - for those that don't know, that's a lot for one skirt!). The skirt construction was not great and initially I thought I'd just repair it and perhaps wear it myself. When I finally got around to working on it, as I stretched out the large panels I really fell in love with the unique print and felt like it should be put into pieces that could really make the most of it. There was such a large amount of fabric put into the skirt, it actually did this print a disservice and this became an inspiring project for me. 

I had enough fabric to make 2 pieces and I'm really excited about the final results. Both pieces are basically canvases for the bold print that will transition you perfectly into fall. They are also super versatile, an easy fit, and one generous size. 

The shape of this dress is much like the flapper dresses that liberated the ladies in the 1920s, just ramped up with this modern tribal print. I feel like it captures that flapper spirit - easy to move in and simple yet still feminine.   

 *There are hidden, optional side ties. You can wear the dress boxy and free or use the ties to cinch the waist in various ways. 

For more info and to shop, click here

Kimono style tops are a trend that will remain a season-less staple in my wardrobe. Wear it over your swimsuit now and then with booties and jeans in the fall. This is definitely one of my favorites. The print leaves no boring angles to this kimono. 

For more info and to shop click here

I love being able to bring new life to awesome fabric and embracing wherever the creative process takes me. And much like I never know where the creative process will take me, I also never know where life will take me. Today I am blogging to you from the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport. I'm wrapping up a freelance gig and my original 9:45 am flight was cancelled and I must wait until 5:50 pm to fly back to NYC! One perk of this tiny airport, free wifi and the employees are super nice - true southern hospitality. One downside, it's a tiny airport so there are not many options when your original flight is cancelled. The barista in my current coffee shop is taking great care of me. Her genuine kindness really helped to subside my initial frustration,  and I I am at peace with just trying to make the best of it all. At least I'll have plenty of time to read through the fashion magazines I picked up (I'm a sucker for those giant fall issues), and to dive into my current book. 

 Hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead and hopefully I can make it home and start mine soon!

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Statement Necklaces, sharing my favorite thrift shopping secret!

...rediscovering some of my favorite thrifted statement necklaces.

I love to hunt in thrift stores for treasures, but it's not for everyone. If you're someone who would like to  do more of it but are uneasy or overwhelmed by the massive racks of things or piles of old stuff, start with the jewelry counter. It's an easy and gratifying way to discover the joy of the hunt!

When I get in a "I can't figure out what to wear" rut, especially at those weird in between season times, my statement necklaces are always an easy solution. Dress them up or down with your favorite basics and you're done! This also comes in handy when your traveling and want to maximize your looks. I had one of those days lately and it cause me to rediscover my growing collection of statement necklaces. I also love that every necklace has a story behind it. I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you! And the best part, these are all high quality, sturdy necklaces and none of them were over $5! 

(Tear of Rita Ora courtesy of Lucky Magazine)
I'm not that "edgy" as a person, but I love statement jewelry that's a little edgy.This chain necklace is a little bold but can be chic too, as demonstrated by Rita Ora above. I picked up this one while on a break from Jury duty, one of the better memories from that week! 

I purchased all three of these necklaces while I was living in Sandpoint Idaho. I had many great times while living there, and I now these remind me of some of those times. 

This one, also a little edgy, is special because I found it in my hometown of Thibodaux while shopping with me mom. I then wore it to my friend Ali's wedding while I was there. I love that it has those memories!

Fun times at Ali's wedding in my spiky necklace!

 Thanks for following along. It's been a fun distraction, now I must get back to organizing the workshop and my materials! Hope you're having a great week and happy shopping! 

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Special Day, Special Dress

Special Day, Special Dress!

...the dress I said, "I do" in, handmade with love!

Creating is more than a hobby for me, it is my life and my passion. I always want to create special pieces that people will cherish and that will stand the test of time. With this in mind, what could be more special than my own wedding dress? Me and my now husband are working very hard on our own creative businesses and dreams, and when we decided to say I do, we just wanted it to be a special, not-stressful, and meaningful day- that we can spend the rest of our life celebrating! We said our nuptials at the Manhattan courthouse with our parents and some of our siblings and then spent the day enjoying our family and this city that is so inspiring to us. 

The internet is flooded with countless wedding dress ideas and as I started to peruse I got quite overwhelmed. I knew I wanted to make it, and I decided to center myself by just hunting for fabric or a vintage garment that might inspire me, as this is my normal creative process. I found this vintage linen and lace caftan from the 70's in a bit of disrepair- a perfect canvas for me. I fell in love with the lace instantly as it was vintage and romantic, but had a really modern feel too. That is exactly the bride I wanted to me. I was immediately inspired. I banished all those Pinterest boards and just spent time with the fabric. I took the vintage piece apart and recreate my own dress - a little bit vintage, a little bit sexy, a little romantic, and unique - exactly what I wanted. I rarely take time to make something for myself anymore, and this was truly a labor of love! I also made my husband's tie with some of the linen from my dress - a perfect final touch! Another fun fact, the sleeves are removable! I hope these pieces can be passed along and cherished by our families. Every piece of handmade clothes has a story, and I just wanted to share a little bit with you all about this very special one!

 Thanks for following along and I hope your day and week is filled with love!

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