Thursday, October 27, 2016

ErinElsie, Lately....

Happy fall ya'll!

 The ErinElsie blog has sat idle for a couple months, but everything else in my world has certainly not been so. As a busy holiday season approaches, I'm taking a little moment of reflection. Here's what's been going on with ErinElsie and I lately. 


I've moved!

I really loved our little studio apartment and felt a little sad when we decided to make the move. But despite the sentiments, we needed this! We were busting at the seams; and for our lives and businesses to grow, we needed more space and storage. After living in a tiny place, this new place feels like a mansion! As crazy as moving is, it can be a great cleansing process. I feel like at this point in our lives, my husband and I don't really have junk. Everything we own is something we need and/or it has value to us - and I love that. Also, we have a gem of an outdoor space now! Yay!      


Markets, Markets, Markets!

One of my goals for this year was to really start getting ErinElsie out there, especially in person! Since June I've been in several markets. Meeting customers in person and getting feedback about my work has been super meaningful. Also, meeting so many other artists and entrepreneurs has really motivated me. It's comforting being in an environment of people that understand this hustle! 


Orders, Orders, and Reviews!

I get orders from all over the world and I love it. What's even better, is when those customers take the time to write 5 star reviews. I care a lot about the quality and details of the pieces I make. The genuine and positive feedback gives me life!  


Family time!

Lastly, this month I headed to my hometown Thibodaux, Louisiana for 10 days. It was a much overdue visit full of fishing, eating, relaxing, and visiting with family over pots of coffee. It's good to check out of your everyday life and get back to your roots sometimes! I love my family, cherish it, and never take it for granted. 

You just can't beat the comforting foods of your homeland. Mom's crab stew, Dad's fried shrimp, our freshly caught fried catfish - you can't get that in New York City!

I also did some thrift shopping and bargain hunting with my mom. It's become a ritual of our visits, and per usual I had some great finds. Some great potential ErinElsie materials, and a few items just for myself :)


Alright, all these new ErinElsie items are not going to make themselves- I've got to get back to work! Stay tuned fore more updates and blog posts. I'm going to try and keep this somewhat regular- we'll see. Thanks for taking the time to catch up with me!


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